A May Day Message


This is the time in humanity’s history when everything is breaking down, and it’s breaking down because it wasn’t built on a solid foundation.  You see, for anything to stay standing it has to be built on the five values; love, truth, peace, non-violence and right conduct.  If it falls down on any of those, well, trouble is at hand.  The world is not in trouble, we bought into a story that money makes the world go round.  Does it?  I’ll tell you a little story about money – you find yourself in the middle of the desert, and beside you is a pallet of money, stacked tall, and a guy goes by on a camel and he has one gallon of fresh water, and it’s three thousand miles across the desert to the next shop. How valuable is the gallon of water all of a sudden?  We have people all over the world rushing to buy money or gold or whatever, but the fact is, we can’t eat gold.  So each of us have to find within us what it is that is important; family is important, friendships are important, community is important, sharing is important.

Our monkey minds are full of desires, and the problem with fulfilling desires is there’s no ceiling on desire, so as soon as you fill a desire it won’t be long before you want more, and then more, and more.  You can’t change the past, what you can do is change the future, and the direction that you as an individual want to go.   You now have to make a choice, and that choice has to be you living a much more simple life, that’s what will bring you real stability, that’s, actually, what will bring you real happiness, the ability to just allow whatever is coming to you to come, and whatever is not meant for you to pass you, in other words stop grabbing.

All we are is energy.  I’ve been over in India talking to quantum physicists and they are all talking about how we create our reality, finally the scientists are waking up that spiritual people aren’t crazy.  What they are finding out is that the ancient teachings would apply as much today as they did thousands of years ago.  With the breakdown of all the systems what’s beginning to arise is humanity’s natural ability to know what is right and what is wrong, and that’s the good news.  Our minds are creating our reality, and scientists are starting to back this up now, every thought that you have is going to create your next set of circumstances.  If you want to come up to a higher state of consciousness, you must fully and completely understand that this is how it is.

We see what’s happening, now what do we do?  We don’t get angry, we come together in community, we meet like this, we talk to each other, what we’re supposed to be doing right now is helping each other.  You might think, how can I help somebody?  Just smile at them, because you never know what your smile is going to do.  Each and every one of us has to take complete control of our own destiny, the best way to do it is, help ever and hurt never.

The best prayer for humanity is – How can I help? What can I do? What have I got to offer? How can I demonstrate it?  I absolutely believe what goes around comes around.  I absolutely believe that if you say something bad about another person, that sooner or later somebody’s going to say something bad about you because you sow what you reap.  In karma it’s called karmic return, all the different religions have different sayings for it.  The religion of psychology calls it cause and effect, our thoughts are creating our reality and our thoughts are manifesting all around us.  So the happier our thoughts are the happier we will be.  When you serve other people you’re really serving yourself, when you’re helping other people you’re actually helping yourself, if you’re really helping, not just reaching for the fruits of your actions.  It’s an absolute fact that where you spend your time and attention is going to create what it is you’re going to become.

We overcomplicate everything that we do, yet it’s not complicated. It’s very easy for somebody who is happy to talk happy, it’s very easy for somebody who has a million dollars in their bank account to meditate because they know they have the money to pay the mortgage.  It’s not so easy for somebody who is living off the bread line to sit and meditate.  The thing is if the person on the bread line doesn’t start to meditate and get more positive about themselves, their abilities, and believe they are worthwhile members of the community, they are never going to be the person with the million dollars in the bank.

Try this exercise, light a candle, sit and look at the flame of that candle for three minutes and then close your eyes for another three minutes.  You will release enough endorphins into your system to stop pain…scientifically proven.  If you really want to start improving, start talking to yourself positively. Be careful of your thoughts, the voice that tells you you’re not good enough, that voice needs to be corrected.  Just take six minutes out of every day, light the candle, and while staring at the candle, watch your thoughts, and when you begin to think negative thoughts, correct them on the spot. Start saying to yourself – every day in every single way I feel better, every day in every single way I am a useful part of this community, every day in every single way I am helping myself and others.  You’ll start to attract into your life much more positive people.

What wise people from all spiritual paths are trying to tell you is: there’s only one religion, the religion of love, there’s only one caste, it’s the caste of humanity, there’s only one God and you can call it what you like, and if you don’t believe in a God that’s okay too.  They tell people to love all and serve all, they give you messages like hands that help are holier than lips that pray, they encourage you to go out and help other people. Your real wealth comes from how much time you’re willing to spend helping others to help themselves, that’s where your real wealth comes from.

It’s up to us to be the change we want to see, we have to be the change, we have to stop blaming other people, we have to take control of our lives, we have to use all the techniques that are there, and most of all we have to have the ability to quiet our mind.   I’d like to end with one minute of silent sitting, take one long deep breath and as you’re exhaling just close your eyes for one minute; allow your mind to go still and quiet, and send good thoughts to all the people in the world who are suffering.  Send them a piece of light, a piece of goodness from your heart….and then end by saying, May all the beings in all the world be happy.