SQ Membership

“Collectively we can do more to raise consciousness and heal humanity than any of us could do individually.”
— Derek O’Neill

Our Community

We at SQ believe that the unseen spirit is stronger, more elegant, and more resilient than anything else. That’s why we serve spirit, and it serves the body. This is not religion, this is reality.

Your participation fuels our collective vision to bring love, truth, peace, non-violence, and right conduct to our world.

Practitioner Resources

For practitioners and teachers of the Rising Star and Prema Birthing energy therapies, participation in Member or Gold Member serves as your annual accreditation, enabling you to practice the modalities professionally.


Member Benefits

An investment in membership provides access to the following opportunities:

Exclusive Teachings

Access to meditations and videos, free to members-only.

Marketing Tools

Professionally designed brochures, email banners and flyers are available to help promote your healing practice or workshops.

Gold Member Benefits

Gold Membership gives you all the benefits listed above, plus the following opportunities:

20% off recorded workshops and teachings
(excludes Ireland Workshops)

20% off Creacon accommodations when you stay 7 nights or longer

Please note: Membership automatically renews. You may cancel it at any time.
The annual membership rate is adjusted for countries outside of the US dollar and Eurozone. Please contact us for adjusted membership rates.


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