Derek O'Neill

About Derek

Translating ancient teachings into modern wisdom

Spiritual Teacher, Humanitarian, Wellness Expert

Fondly referred to as the Celtic Sage, Irish-born spiritual teacher Derek O’Neill inspires and uplifts people from all walks of life, offering guidance to influential world leaders, businesses, celebrities, athletes and everyday people alike. Distilled from his life work in psychotherapy, a martial arts career and study with wise yogis and Indian and Tibetan masters, Derek translates ancient wisdom into modern day teachings to address the biggest challenges facing humanity today.


Derek ran a successful psychotherapy practice, achieved master black belt, addressed the United Nations, spoke at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, wrote over 20 personal development books, has been featured in numerous radio and TV programs and even hosted his own radio shows, but his most cherished achievement is his humanitarian work.

In recognition of his service, Derek was honored with the highly prestigious Variety International Humanitarian Award, Arts for India Dayawati Modi Global Award 2017, Irish Autism Action Man of the Year, and Hearts and Minds Pride of Eireann.

Spiritual Quotient


Spiritual Quotient represents pure energy of the highest vibration and frequency, the guiding tools for all that is created. Science has shown energy to be the only thing in existence that cannot be destroyed or even measured. This intelligence is ever-present, permanent in all things and everywhere.

Spiritual intelligence is latent within every being and is an important part of the overall manifestation plan as laid down by the source, the blueprint architect of life. To reconnect with this higher intelligence, we do not get rid of the ego or hide from the experiences of our lives. Instead, we coherently tie them all together to observe the patterns and the messages they represent.

If we listen to our higher-self (gut feeling), we will see that spiritual intelligence is uniting all our experiences into the highest wisdom, for the most productive and positive outcome. When we finally see all our experiences as messages that have come to benefit us, we are free to rise to unimaginable heights.

Through booksworkshops, speaking engagements and humanitarian work, Derek empowers others to increase their Spiritual Quotient and activate their highest potential, so they can bring harmony, happiness, and success back into their personal and professional lives.

Stop The Struggle

Latest Book

Understanding the root-cause behind negative patterns, emotions, and illness is essential to creating the life you want to live, but it is not always easy to isolate the core issue. Stop The Struggle by Derek O’Neill, takes us through his own personal journey on the path to self-understanding. Offering insightful lessons on how to transform the negative impact of our struggles, so we can live happier and healthier lives. Read this book with an open mind, stop the struggle and become everything you were born to be.


Ian Hoge

Therapist, Mindfulness Coach & Yoga Teacher

“Derek taught me how to deeply listen to myself so i can navigate my life with much more grace. I now have an inner confidence that wasn’t there before.”

Susie Connerley


“I’ve discovered more peace and resilience within myself than I’ve ever known. When times get tough, I know I have a solid foundation to depend on.”

Shannon Carson

Singer/Actor & Wellness Practitioner

“Derek helped me change a long time pattern and dissolve a block that I had been struggling with for quite some time, I couldn’t believe how quickly he helped me see what I needed to see.”

Alicia Mathewson

Singer/Songwriter & Sound Healer

“Derek inspires me to to realize my own highest destiny path and use my gifts in service of the peace and well-being of myself and all of Humanity. No matter what I dream of achieving, I am grateful to have Derek on my team.”