Love Without Expectation…

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re given the opportunity to think about what role love plays in our lives, and in our world. There are certainly times when love seems like a challenge between partners, amongst family members, or on the global front. It’s important to remember that love is a force stronger than any strife or disruption, but, like all else, it is imperfect. If we learn to love purely, without expectation, its power flows and makes a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

How does love inspire you? Do you tap into self-love in order to share it with others? Does love motivate you to be supportive, do a good deed, speak with kindness, and meet anger with peace? Does the wonder of nature, a beautiful song, or an amazing idea feed your passion for life? If you carry love and inspiration in your heart, independent of your circumstances, you’ll be able to give it freely and openly. I guarantee it will come back to you. When you let go of outcomes anything is possible. Relationships between people, on both the personal and world stage, can change when we acknowledge anything and everything that life serves up. If we are realistic about accepting the human condition, and all the dark and light that entails, we will know love as the energy that guides us.

This Valentine’s Day, look at your relationships to everything in your life. Do you have expectations about love? Do feel incomplete without some external approval? Have you explored what it means to truly experience self-love that inspires you to love others with a healthy, abundant and joyful approach? Valentine’s Day is a great time to begin to open your heart in a new and powerful way.

When you give a card, or a box of chocolate, think about the gift you can give yourself – a loving, accepting perspective. Every day of the year, not just February 14th, is the time for practicing these ideas.

Have a wonderful and loving Valentine’s Day!

Derek O’Neill