Frequently Asked Questions

Audio Downloading and Video Streaming

Where do I access my purchased audio and video files?

To access your purchased downloads; follow the link in the email you received or login to the store at:


Once logged in, click My Downloadable Files. If you did not receive an email with the download link, please check your junk/spam folder or contact us and we will resend it.

Note: As of Sept 2021, our store redirects to Creacon’s online shop. This gives you access to a wider variety of gifts, including all the products from our original store. Access to products purchased on the original store will end on Dec 31, 2021. 

Why can’t I download my video files?

Please also note that access to videos are via a streaming service, you will not be able to download and save the videos to your computer. You do have unlimited access to your purchased videos, through our premium streaming service, which will give the best possible viewing experience on all computers and mobile devices.

How many times can I download an audio file?

You are provided with 5 download attempts for each purchased audio file. If you exceed this, and still have not successfully downloaded your audio file, please contact us  and we will reset your download limit.

Why can’t I download audio files to my iPad?

An iPad, or any other iOS device, does not have a default app to automatically detect and download files. You can listen to the audio files by clicking the download link, but this action will not save the file to your iPad.

To download the audio file, either download the file onto a computer (laptop or desktop), or alternatively, install an app (i.e. iCloud or Dropbox) to download files onto your iPad.

Why can’t I log into my store account?

Please be aware that you may have two logins for the derekoneill.com website; one for the members’ section, and one for the store. If you are using the correct details, you can try the Forgotten Password link on the sign-in page. If you are still not able to login, please contact us, and we can check you details, and reset your password if required.


Can’t see the Membership FAQs? Please log in first.


Can I Contact Derek?
Derek will be traveling over the next few years and will not be taking phone calls or answering emails. However, he remains connected to us all energetically.

Do You Have a Newsletter?
There are two newsletters; a Creacon Wellness Retreat newsletter and a Derek O’Neill newsletter. All subscriptions are self-managed, please see the links in the footer of your email to edit your settings.

Is the Charity Active?
Thanks for your interest in SQ Foundation. We have closed the organization however the website remains live if you wish to explore our legacy of love. If you are looking for other great charities to support, please consider Rainforestflow.org and Variety Ireland.

Where Can I Send Healing Requests?
Healing requests can be sent via the contact us form on derekoneill.com.

Are You Still On Facebook?
In light of Derek’s guidance on social media, we are not very active on the SQ Worldwide Facebook page and have restricted users from being able to post at this time. You are welcome to visit and read past posts.

How Can I Support You? 
Derek is appreciative of your kind offers of support for his upcoming travels. If you wish to offer support, we invite you to visit Creacon once travel restrictions are lifted or you can participate in our support packages ‘Friends of Creacon’ and ‘Conscious Manifestation Package’. You can also keep your SQ Membership active.