Most people’s biggest fear is of being loved. When a loving human crosses your path, you should be ready to surrender your fear and feelings of self-doubt. If you bring them into the relationship, the push and pull of love will be difficult… Read more »

When we open up the definition of the word ‘relationships’ to a wider and very important way of thinking, relationships with other people are just one piece of the puzzle. If we come to see that ALL of the relationships in our lives – to family, friends, your community, the world, your emotions, your belief systems, food, addictions, and even the family pet – are barometers of how we coexist in an intimate relationship we will expand our minds and have a better understanding of what connection means. Read more »

How you view yourself, who you are, what you are capable of and how you impact the world around you is all connected to confidence. Becoming more empowered and confident may seem hard to do, especially if your feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth have become a way of life.

We ALL have the same potential. Read more »

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re given the opportunity to think about what role love plays in our lives, and in our world. There are certainly times when love seems like a challenge between partners, amongst family members, or on the global front. It’s important to remember that love is a force stronger than any strife… Read more »

I had a great time today on the CBS show Good Day Sacramento, talking all about self-love and inner peace. For those of you who may have missed it, here are the videos!    

  Boxes of chocolates, heart-shaped cards, and all the other festive forms of endearment this Valentine’s Day conjure up images of love. But just what is love? Take some time to think about what love means to you as we approach the holiday. The role of love in your life is much broader and bigger… Read more »

I’m happy to report that the response we are getting to the latest book in the GET A GRIP series is incredible! RELATIONSHIPS – WOULD YOU WANT TO DATE YOU? takes a new and energizing look at the universal subject of how we find and maintain happy, fulfilling relationships. Already, so many people are commenting… Read more »


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