Your Thoughts Create Your Reality


Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Your thoughts are manifesting your world and any crap that is manifesting in front of you, you are doing. The you that I am writing to is the God that you are, but you just don’t know it yet; you just don’t believe it yet. As your journey progresses one way or another you will be brought to the belief that you are God. This is the journey from yourself to yourself. And it’s the longest journey you will ever take.

If you’re coming from a space that you want something, and you can manifest it, then you are coming from the space that you are the Doer. And it’s OK to come from this space of being the Doer, if you actually believe it. Belief creates both good and bad and I’ve often seen people create stuff only to find out later that it’s not what they wanted. So be careful what you ask for you just might get it. And if you get it are you grounded enough to handle it?

If you find yourself scraping through life in regard to being able to pay for things please don’t make this a huge disadvantage. You are just having the same lesson that Michael Jackson had with all his money. If you think you want to be a billionaire you can make it happen using positive thoughts and actions. But you must take full responsibility for it and I am telling you now you wont be able to take that responsibility. It will send you in such a spin that you will become depressed. Its about balancing and understanding that Spirit, God, Divine Presence and Life gives you what you need, not what you want. Ask yourself these questions… “What do I really need?”…“Are my needs being fulfilled”? If so, be happy!

People are taught that humility is a weakness but humility is a very, very powerful place to be. The usual place is, ‘you better give it to me’, that is why humility is so powerful. I always open the door for people and let others go in before me because I know God when I see God, and I wouldn’t dare put myself in front of God, ever. That is not a phony humbleness that is who I am. That is why it takes no energy or thought it just comes naturally. That is what manifestation is. It is you setting the goal, focusing and then saying, “I actually don’t know what I want”. So stay in your heart and remember your last thought is going to create your next manifestation. That is why it is great to go around chanting and singing.

Love, Love, Love


A teaching from Derek’s book More Truth Will Set You Free


This book will bring you from doubt to proof that we are more than just what we see ourselves as. Reading about the extraordinary journeys of the people in this book will give you hope and comfort about your own ability to heal yourself and others. This book is an inner and outer journey of great benefit to all walks of life.

Derek O’Neill is a master spiritual teacher, healer, philanthropist, and practicing psychotherapist based in Dublin, Ireland. Derek is founder of SQ-Worldwide LP, a multifaceted company committed to teaching both individuals and corporations how to use consciousness, compassion and cooperation to transform not only themselves but also the world. He is also founder of Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre in Wexford, Ireland. His More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops have helped thousands worldwide to free themselves from long standing obstacles and step into love, joy and empowerment.