You are Excellent!

But how do you define your excellence? Is it achieving the highest position in the company or scoring top grades on a test? For me it’s simply the ability to get into the bed every night and say I did my best. It’s about the way you see yourself in your own mind and knowing you already have excellence, you’ve probably just misplaced it.

For years working with you all, many people have asked me about their life purpose and what they are ‘supposed’ to be doing. This often comes down to living your truth, living with excellence, and begins by making friends with the subconscious and to do this we must ‘go within’.
But how do you go within? How excellent is your relationship with yourself to do this? Your unconscious self is perfect, and by that I mean that your unconscious mind has learned to thrive on certain patterns of thought and it has done it well! Though the outcome is not always positive, the unconscious works to make you excellent at everything you do. For example, you’re excellent at being depressed, sad or victimised – as well as being positive, happy and blissful. Wherever you are in life you are great at it! It comes down to how you want excellence to manifest for you.

Now is the time to take time, be patient with yourself, make friends with yourself, forgive yourself and use the wisdom within each chapter as a road on the map you’re going to create. A treasure map if you like, and as you chart your journey make a commitment to explore all that you have to offer yourself…and when you unlock and discover the diamond within remember to leave the golden path of your excellence everywhere you go. For service to man is service to god and this is when we manifest pure excellence.

Love Love Love


“Derek’s book ‘Excellence’ gave me the courage and the tools to make a commitment to change. And better yet, understand what was holding back from trying. I decided to hit ‘delete’ (and say shut-up) to the parts of my mind that didn’t want to invite change and I did it anyway. I pushed back society’s influence on what my life should look like and decided to live MY dream. I have never been happier and more successful in my career.”