What You Want Vs. What You Get

The Way Your Mind Works

Your mind listens to everything that you say. It will manifest whatever it is – good, bad or anything in-between – in vast amounts. In other words, if you have a mentality of abundance, you will have an abundance of it! The same is true for living in fear and a state of lack. That fear will feed on itself, as your mind is incredibly powerful. What you say to your mind, including positive affirmations, is important to shift your perspective away from a mentality of scarcity.

Say It Out Loud

Our lives are manifest by words, and the words in your mind are what your consciousness is powered by. Everything starts with a single thought. The sequence of those thoughts is what makes the difference on how you manifest what you want.

Here’s a technique to begin creating a connection between words and affecting change in your life: Start with a thought, and then speak it out loud. For example, “I would like to meet people who can help me on my path to find a new job.” Don’t keep the thought in your head. The vibrations of words are very powerful. When you speak them out loud the energy of the Universe conspires to bring about manifestation.

Will these words magically bring what you want to your door? No – you have to go into action and have a plan, which is your way of meeting the Universe. If you take one step towards the Universe, it will take ninety-nine steps towards you.

Why Do We Create What We Don’t Want?

If you find yourself always struggling with finances, relationships or another aspect of your life, somewhere in your subconscious there’s probably an internal script running that you’re not aware of, saying you’re not worthy to have money or love.

People repeat destructive patterns in their lives, which are almost always subconscious. It has nothing to do with being unlucky or doomed, and everything to do with something that you are doing or not doing.

The subconscious mind is like a library. It creates the language of your mind. Every event that has ever happened to you in your life is registered in your subconscious. The majority of people on the planet are being governed not by their conscious mind, but by what lies beneath. Your subconscious mind has all these ideas, thoughts and experiences that can be triggered.

We radiate out the energy that creates our reality. It may be hard to accept responsibility for your own actions, but YOU are the only one who can truly make your life better.

As hard as it can be, you must stop blaming other people, things and situations. It is draining you of the energy you need to funnel into your own life and zapping your ability to stay positive. There is a place for anger, if it makes an impression about what is acceptable to you, but once you acknowledge it, let it go.

Take Action

It is time for you to take back your power, sit with your own set of circumstances and begin to look at how to create change. What can you do to manifest something for yourself?  What can you do to manifest something that will become big enough to share with somebody else? 

When it comes to creating the life you really want, your inner dialogue could be saying, “Hey, you’re not a worthwhile person unless you’ve got a big house, a nice car and 2.3 kids.” You may very well have heard some variation of that as you grew up, but if you blame your parents, or your teachers, or advertisers, or our society, you’re not going to be able to move toward your own abundance. Change has to start with you.

The Gratitude List

The practice of writing gratitude lists is a wonderful way to remind ourselves of what we have at this very moment, and how we can build on the happiness that appreciation, mindfulness and a positive outlook can bring us. There are many approaches to creating a gratitude list (daily, weekly, for yourself, as something to share, etc.) but finding what works for you can help define what abundance means in your life, and prompt you to take nothing for granted.

Writing down what you are grateful for allows you to hold a list in your hands, reflect on it, reread it, and save your thoughts. It can focus you “in the moment” and compel you to think about what you DO have, rather than what you don’t have. A list also clarifies what you can give away, because you have so much!

These are some of the topics and areas of life that your Abundance-Gratitude List can touch on:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work/Relationships
  • Home, Food, Nourishment
  • The Environment – From the big (say, a waterfall) to the small (the song of a bird, a warm summer breeze)

Photo by Sergei Akulich from Pexels