An addiction is a habit out of control …

What lies underneath your addictions? Today’s “The Way” tackled a relevant topic to so many of us – “Addictions and Why We Go There.” The first step in facing our addictions is admitting we have them, then taking on the commitment to get to the truth inside ourselves. What’s the emotion behind your overeating, smoking, relationships addiction or any other manifestations of something misguided in your life? When we understand our addictions, we can overcome them. I talked about the differences between addiction and compulsion, along with how we often don’t see the effect our addiction in our lives, and of those around us, because of denial.

An addiction tends to give you the very thing you want to avoid. In the hopes of winning money, someone with a gambling problem ends up broke. A person who drinks seeks happiness in the bottle but finds the opposite. Overeating delivers temporary comfort, but causes distress and self-loathing in the long run. A sex addict craves intimacy but ends up with none. Looking at the cause and effect of our addictions with honesty and insight will set you down a path of changing the behavior.

I took some great calls and tweets about smoking, the internet, food addiction and more. We also covered the topic of some new addictions people are experiencing, including  “hyper-connected people” and their addiction to their smart phones. What lies deeper in the need to be in touch with everyone, at all times? Sometimes even in the middle of the night!

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