What is the connection between anger and overeating?

When we experience an outburst of anger, during an argument or as a reaction about something in our lives, that anger burns up energy. Since food gives us energy, we may very well be trying to replace that depleted strength when we overeat after an outburst. Could this be one of the emotional links between anger and food? Do we eat to comfort ourselves and re-energize? I’ve seen this theory in action several times over the last few days. In one instance, someone I know confronted their friend about spreading rumors and talking behind their back. I watched as this person began eating more food than usual, and specifically food that they associated with their childhood. Within minutes after the face-off, which did not go well, this person put on the kettle to make tea, went to the fridge to get an assortment of sweet foods, and proceeded to stuff themselves. Witnessing this, I began to think about the root causes behind anger and overeating.

How does this relate to your own experiences? Can you think of times where there was a clear connection between anger and overeating? What can you learn – and change – once you are in touch with these feelings?