What is Man’s Spiritual Nature?

The faith of every man conforms to his nature. By nature he is full of faith. He is, in fact, what his faith makes him.

That is an extremely powerful statement. That is a meditation of enlightenment in its own way. It was like in the Bhagavad Gita, when Arjuna asked Krishna, “What is that which man calls the supreme spirit? What is man’s spiritual nature? What is the law governing this nature?”

What is the divinity that we speak about? Who is it? Who rules the spirit of sacrifice in man? The great masters would reply something like, “Oh my beloved child, the supreme spirit, the highest imperishable self, it is nature in spiritual consciousness. The worlds have been created and are supported by an energy of unknowingness that is known from the spirit, which is called ‘the law’.

Matter consists of forms that perish. Divinity is the supreme self and he who aspires the spirit of sacrifice in man, he and myself are one. Who now stands in human form also stands in avatar form. Whosoever at the time of death thinks only of me” – do you remember this in the Bhagavad Gita?

“Whosoever at the time of death thinks only of me, and thinking thus leaves the body and goes forth into these realms of avatars, demigods, and gods, goes forth assuming he will know me on whatever sphere of being the mind of a man may be intent at the time of death, hither or there will he go.”

Basically, it doesn’t take death my friends to go there. It is every moment we die to the moment just gone past, so we must try at least our best to be in the consciousness of grace. Don’t worry about different dimensions and avatars and consciousness – that’s just the egotistical play. Worry only about what is your consciousness, what are your thoughts and your heart, what is their conversation? All Arjuna’s [spiritual students] stand in grace, creating the shadow of doubt – that is the ignorance of Maya.

Excerpts from Essential teachings of the Bhagavad Gita with Derek O’Neill


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