What do Krishna and the Rising Star Have in Common?

On the top of the Rising Star symbol, the star represents the Crown Chakra. The heart shape represents the Heart Chakra. The bottom, center of the triangle is the Root Chakra. So, within the symbol, you have your seven chakras. Now, right from the bottom of the star there are five strokes coming out. Then on each side you have three strokes coming out of the star. What is five and three? Eight. And what is eight and three? Eleven.


The number eleven is Christ Consciousness. So these three strokes on each side of the star are wings. The five strokes below are a tail. Together they represent the peacock.

If you ever look at a picture of a highly evolved being called an Avatar, you will see that he often has a peacock beside him. The peacock represents the ego, and the Avatar always travels on the ego’s back.

When you start doing a Rising Star healing, what happens as soon as you set down this grid on the Crown Chakra is that the Rising Star Symbol sits right on top of the person.

Here is a testimonial from a 73 year old woman, from San Luis Argentina, who received a long distance Rising Star healing on June 17, 2014 by a Rising Star practitioner who lives in California.

 “Dear Mara de Carmen, even though I experienced many evidences of your capacity to help other people to transform their lives, I never expected this and would not even have thought of asking for it at any time because I considered it to be impossible. However, after the first Rising Star session I quit smoking! 

What is more important is that it happened suddenly. I do not need to smoke anymore, and I do not experience any physical, psychological or emotional suffering from the withdrawal. 

I am incredibly surprised because during my 54 years of  being a heavy smoker I did a lot of treatments, therapy, medication and  support groups without any positive results. I did quit four years ago for nine months, but I went back to smoking again because I constantly experienced the desire to smoke. Now I find myself in this unusual, extraordinary state where I can do without a cigarette without any suffering. 

I always asked for some magic that could reinforce my will power to be able to quit, but what is happening to me now is more than I could have desired or asked for.

Thanks Maria del Carmen, many thanks for your kindness and your generosity serving those in need.”

If you are interested in a Rising Star healing or becoming a practitioner, you can visit www.sq-wellness.com