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Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality is fast becoming an effective tool in treating psychological issues, with proven therapeutic benefits. The Get A Grip 360 VR series provides users with full immersion in a 3D virtual environment when wearing a VR headset – making if feel like you are in the room with Derek.

Get A Grip 360

Derek blends years of experience from his successful psychotherapy practice and spiritual studies into his popular Get a Grip book series. The Get A Grip 360 videos offer 1:1 sessions with Derek as he shares insightful perspectives to help expedite wellbeing from the top challenges we face today.




Derek introduces how to use the natural process of grief as a way to heal, grow, and inspire us to live a meaningful life. He also explains the risks people can face when they do not deal with their grief and how we can help others during the grieving process.


Derek explains why so many people have issues with weight and how your mind and emotions can contribute to maintaining unwanted weight. He also identifies the root-cause of weight issues in childhood, the connection to abuse and wanting to be seen.


Derek offers insights on the difference between desire, attachment and addiction, and how it connects to emotions we have not dealt with. He reveals the relationship between grief and heroin, food and anger, and smoking and hiding something, along with ways to address modern addictions like technology and plastic surgery.


Derek shares how modern technology is expanding the traditional physical forms of bullying at school, home or work, to 24/7 online emotional and mental bullying. He offers tips on how to identify if your child is being bullied, how to deal with a bully and insights on the behaviors of the bully themselves.


Derek shares the root causes of depression, explaining the impact of negative self-thought, and the importance of the mind in creating wellbeing. He also explains how programs and beliefs contribute to depression and how you can signal your cells and unconscious mind to start the healing process.


Derek explains why after a couple gets married, the relationship tends to change or end in divorce. He also shares why we ‘marry our mother or father’ and the difference between love and lust. Learn how to identify the motives in your relationship so you can create a healthy dynamic in all your relationships.

How to Watch

For the best experience, watch the Get a Grip 360 video series using the Vimeo app on your IOS  or Android phone or tablet. Simply tilt your device to look around.

VR Headsets

Pair a smartphone with a virtual reality viewer for an even more immersive experience. There are many inexpensive options available, including the Homido Mini which can be used with IOS or Android phones and is available from Amazon.

Desktop Viewers

Don’t have your VR Headset yet? You can still view the videos in 360 on your PC or Macbook. Just use your arrow keys, mouse or touchpad to look around.

For more information on viewing in 360 visit Vimeo help.


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