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Virtual Therapy with Derek O’Neill

Virtual Reality is fast becoming an effective tool in treating mental health issues. A few years ago, I was introduced to virtual reality and its application in the world of therapy. While this technology has been around for some time in psychotherapy for exposure therapy, I was thrilled to learn of its benefits for people who are remote, have mobility restrictions (i.e. hospital or house-bound) or want to explore treatment in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

It is inspiring to see the content they are developing in the virtual reality field – from therapy and education to gaming and entertainment. When you put a VR headset on, you are transported into a whole new world, fully immersed to explore a new environment from wherever you are – isn’t that amazing!

Today, I am thrilled to announce that the Get a Grip 360 Virtual Therapy series is now available. While I gave up private practice many years ago in lieu of teaching, Virtual Reality allows me to reach those who need assistance, by connecting with them through a virtual environment.

Get a Grip 360

Based on the popular Get a Grip book series, Get a Grip 360 Virtual Therapy is launching with six videos that offer insightful perspectives on many of the challenges we face today, including; depression, bullying, addiction, love/divorce, weight and grief. Drawing from a career in martial arts, years of experience as a psychotherapist in private practice and the yogic-science techniques that helped me on my own path of self-discovery, the Get A Grip material expands beyond traditional therapy-based practices to expedite wellbeing by integrating principles of psychotherapy, meditation and energy work.

What to Expect

When you wear a VR headset or clip VR glasses to your smartphone, you are immersed in a 3D environment, making it feel like you are in the room with me at Creacon Wellness Retreat in Ireland. These virtual reality videos are like having a one to one session with me, while the books offer a wonderful resource to gain further insight, tips and tools.

My hope is that these videos offer a new way to connect with people who are suffering and unable to travel to a workshop. There is help out there. Everyone deserves to know that healing, happiness and peace is possible to achieve.

Let me know what you think!

Love, Love, Love,

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