Tribute to Linda O’Neill

This website is dedicated to a very special woman, Linda O’Neill, who made it her life’s mission to make the world a better place to be for everyone.

Linda started her mission from her first breath but it wasn’t until her first trip to India that she knew where she was needed most. It was in India were she witnessed children living on the street and starving. She knew that she would have to do something to make their way of life better. So Linda and her family started by building orphanages and schools across India. At this moment, Linda has left a legacy that will continue to grow bigger and better with each day that passes.

Linda_MG_0929With Linda´s passing we know that she is still leading the way and watching over us making sure that everything we do is done with love and compassion. Linda has brought so much love and joy into people’s lives all over the world. You only have to look into her eyes to know what real Love is. Your eyes say everything about you as they are the gateway to your soul. Your body is a robe that you wear until you return to the light.

Linda returned to the light on that great day of August 25th 2008. We have seen that death is an illusion and that we are here to be of service to others not just ourselves. Linda showed us that in a powerful and quiet way. As she worked behind the scenes, she and Derek would often joke about Derek being the mouthpiece and Linda the rock he leans on.

She lived a simple life with her needs being small as she would say all you need is LOVE. She gave love and received it from everyone she met. Her way is the way of Being in the Now and not in the past.

Linda will remain in our hearts always and we her family will continue the work she started with great Honor, Love and Compassion. There is only one Linda but now that she is in all of our hearts we will all become her.


Gavin, Orla, Derek.



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