The Truth Is, Food Is God

I used to bless my food but I don’t anymore. I now know that I would only be blessing myself. Instead, I offer my food to God in this way; I start the meal in silence and offer the first mouthful of food to God, I offer the second mouthful to myself as God, and I offer the third mouthful to all of the people in the world that are hungry. If you do this, you will change your consciousness around food.

People who overeat and abuse food have the illusion that they are not loved or are unlovable, and are trying to feel love by stuffing food into their mouths. They confuse the feeling of a full belly with love and think they are filling up the holes in their heart. It feels comforting so they have the illusion that if they eat more of it, then they will feel more comfortable. The truth is that the opposite happens; when you eat more, you become uncomfortable again. People have been programmed to think that eating more than they need will make them feel complete and whole, but eating like that has nothing to do with sustaining the physical body.

Eat quietly and deliberately, don’t talk with your mouthful, or shovel food in on the run. Be conscious of why you are eating – to nourish your body. Imagine what it would be like to have to ask people for their uneaten food, or go into trashcans to get food to eat. Explore having the consciousness of that experience so one day you don’t have to physically experience it to learn to appreciate food. People waste so much food. Sit in a restaurant at lunch or dinner time and look at how much food gets thrown away. Begin to understand the consequences of wasting food. When you waste food, your life will starve in all sorts of other ways: love, money or health.

The truth is food is God. So be gentle. Eat only when you are hungry and drink when you are thirsty. You don’t have to eat or drink just because other people are. If you go out to eat, share meals; not everyone has to order a separate meal. God is the food, God is the cook, God is the waiter and God is the dog waiting for scraps by the back door. God is you. Be conscious of what you eat and why you eat. This will not only transform your relationship with food but also bring more awareness and love into your life.

Love Love Love


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