The ‘Secret’ Guidebook To Happiness

How do we truly change what seems to make us unhappy? How many times have you tried to bring about change by attempting to alter external circumstances, without shifting your consciousness about it? Do you try to control your world instead of your mind?

Changing Our Reality

Change begins with a process of thoughts, words, and actions – and our ability to bring consciousness into our daily lives. If we change our thoughts, words and actions, our reality changes. This is the only way to create change for individuals and for the world.

There is a saying that goes, “A man whose thoughts, words and actions are in alignment can never be vexed by anger.”  The same follows for any emotion or event that, on its surface, disrupts our happiness.

Thoughts, Words and Actions

Our thoughts come from our conscious mind. Our words come from experience; a word is something recalled from a memory. We remember words and we put those words into patterns to express what it is we are trying to achieve or say.

Our subconscious shows up in our words, even if we are not aware of its influence. The more we understand about our subconscious, the more we can use words to our benefit.

For example, if our child does something that we were yelled at for doing by our parents, our subconscious may very well react in a way that channels the hurt we felt and we end up using the same action and words with our child. Or we could find ourselves becoming defensive when someone makes a suggestion to us, because our subconscious remembers feeling hurt and powerless when a boss gave us a harsh review.

When we bring the subconscious into the light, we break patterns and vicious cycles of unhappiness and pain.

Our actions are the result of how aware – or unaware – we are, whether our conscious and subconscious have a connection between them, and if we know how to act from a higher level of intention.

Our actions should be the result of the thoughts and the words we choose. We have control over them. Actions that don’t arise from conscious intention of thoughts and words are too often a reaction in the moment, that doesn’t represent who you are aspiring to be, but instead who you were, when you were operating from your old belief systems.

If we begin to align thoughts, words, and actions in the moment with conscious intention, a super/higher consciousness evolves naturally.

Love Love Love,

Excerpts from Consciousness: It’s All Over You

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Image by 育银 戚 from Pixabay