The power of color, music and stories in our lives!

On today’s show “Color, Music and Stories Heal,” we explored the fascinating topic of how we are affected by these elements. They play an important role in the way we approach who we are, what we want, and how we surround ourselves with intention. Our consciousness is attuned to color, notes and words and they are a huge part of our well-being and insight.

Colors are tremendously influential in that they affect our moods and emotions, something businesses know quite well when it comes to advertising! In your own life, the colors that surround you project what you want. Yellow is a nurturing color, blue speaks to communication, green can reflect a closed heart, pink and gold, an open heart. Red and orange are energetic colors – important to remember when choosing colors to paint a room of an active child! Calming tones, or whatever seems appropriate, can be used according to what you want. Pick the right colors, especially when it comes to your clothes, and you will be reflecting your inner self, and what you desire

Stories and the way they are told have a remarkable effect on us. Pace, tone, rhythm all work together to come into alignment for you, depending on what you bring to the story, and what you want for yourself. Music’s power is immense, with the notes resonating and making you feel a certain way. Music is vibration, which is associated with color, which is connected to mood. At times, there are certain notes that are resonating on the planet, provided a worldwide higher level of consciousness and atunement

Please tune in to the archive on “The Way” on VoiceAmerica if you missed the show. There’s much more to explore on “Color, Music and Stories Heal” that will help you on your personal path.

Join us for next week’s show, “Letting Go of Pain,” a topic that I believe most people will find applicable in their lives.

And the wind will blow my fears away
Will dry my tears away
And dry my tears away
And blow my fears away
(Lyrics from the british band the cult)

– Derek O’Neill