The Life You Want Now


What type of a life would you like? What would you change?

For most of you this is having a relationship. Know that the only being worth sharing life with is God, end of story…capital letter…full stop, that’s it.  If you do that, if you understand this not from a religious basis, but from a spiritual basis, if you understand what I’ve just said, you will actually love yourself so much that you might attract somebody who won’t take, who won’t disturb your eye.

This is the truth, and that will be because you can only love somebody as much as you love the self. And the self actually is this thing that we call God. So when you love the self to the degree that, on a scale of one to ten, that you’re a nine, well then there’s a good chance that the person you’ll attract into your life will be somebody who will walk the path with you, and every now and again, when we stumble—keep in mind our Lord fell 13 times. So when we stumble that person will be there just to give you a stabilizing block. In other words, you’re not dependent on them, you haven’t become addicted or co-dependent on that being, you’ll actually just see that being as a fellow traveller through life.

You know, my teacher, one of his favorite things was, start the day with love, spend the day with love, and end the day with love.  That was it that was his guidance. If you were going through hell and high water he went, start the day with love…and what he was basically saying is, when you awake first thing in the morning, do you just jump up on automatic pilot and run about your life?  Or do you just take a moment to say, thank you.  Thank you that I woke up.

Remember that which you give love to manifests at a great speed, and all the rest is down here.  So what we have to do as individuals is really, genuinely take some time out of our busy schedules, you know, rearing kids, working or whatever. Just take time out to say…what do I really want?  And can I be cheeky enough to paint that picture without offending the great intelligence?  And what you’ll find is, you’re actually better off not really having a picture, but having a feeling that is beyond words and beyond materialistic materialization.  It’s a feeling of understanding that you’re stuck here, we’re all stuck here, we can’t actually get out of here until we can.  So until we do that, let’s fill the space with love. And if you begin to look like this, you truly will find the life that you want, because it will be a life that will be built on the four letter word L-O-V-E, love, that’s it, love is it! That’s all there is to the game.  It’s that simple, it’s so complicated. Love is the answer!

Love Love Love



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