The Lens Of Love

As we celebrate Winter Solstice, it seems fitting to talk about the return of light – the return of love, and how we invite its presence into our lives.

What stands in your way of experiencing love, or being happy? For most, it’s not getting what we want – things, experiences, understanding, attention, respect or love – it makes us angry, depressed and sometimes ill.  This can manifest as daily challenges in our relationships, jobs and family dynamics. Attachment to our desires, intolerance, envy, and pride will all lead to anger, triggering patterns of misguided thoughts, conditioned by our formative years.

Anger Is A Messenger

Anger is an emotion that forces us to look deeper within ourselves and examine our relationship to the world. In many ways, it is a perfect reflection of the idea that we have a choice when it comes to how we respond and react to events and people in our lives. That choice, if a positive one, can benefit our own peace of mind and higher consciousness, along with improving our relationships.

When a thought sets off anger, and that chemical reaction kicks in, we are in a spiral of negative thinking.

If we know how to stay in our enlightened energy, our thoughts can’t take us down that destructive path.

Your inner battle against anger is fought between the duality of nature – between the illusions of right and wrong, and of good and evil. If you are coming from a place of integrity, your mind, body, and actions are in alignment. In this state, you cannot be provoked by anger.

When you are not in touch with the human fundamental goodness and ability to love – that we all have – the chemical reactions that are triggered by anger will dictate your feelings and actions. Go deep into your thoughts and find the ones that are angry. Only good can, and should, motivate you.

From Anger to En’light’enment

You will always experience anger and sadness in your life, along with grief and love and happiness. There is no way around it. It is a “happening.” It is not a “doing.” We do not have control of when these things arrive, but we do in how we react.

Sadness and anger spontaneously arises, and when it does, the Master lets it go. He is not attached. He is not inflated by pride or dejected by depression. It is just a happening. Everything arises, but then shifts and moves on, where it cannot control your life. It’s the unconscious anger that begins to create pathways in your brain, creating connections that will just keep growing, never allowing you to get to the root of the anger.

Unfortunately, whether we want to admit it or not, there are many of us conditioned and programmed to only pay attention to some situations when anger is present. If we had a better reference point for love and joy, that came from an enlightened place deep inside us, we would know that anger will only close our hearts and feed on itself.

People often keep letting anger evolve and surface in their lives. It hits their control box, which is not connected to the true and joyful consciousness they can embody. The heart fills with anger, holding on to it, and projecting it outward. This can go on and on until you learn to bring that anger back into alignment, letting it flow – and release. You will come to see that that anger is spontaneous energy, but so is love. If you realize that everything is energy, enlightenment is going to happen. Perhaps even in spite of yourself!

Meditation is a great way to learn how to keep our thoughts positive. Anger rises and falls away when you use meditation as a tool for changing your perspective. Becoming a loving person, an important goal in your spiritual journey, creates a state of mind that anger can’t hold on to.

Let the light of divinity be your guide.

Happy Holidays,