The Buddha


The Buddha

The rule of the universe is that wherever your mind rests there is your God. As we know the Buddha’s mind rested on suffering and the release of suffering. What he had done was walk into one of the greatest traps of the spiritual journey, which is the trap of compassion without detachment. Compassion without detachment is nearly as bad as no compassion, if there is indeed such a thing as bad, which I don’t think there is, there just is. Truth is always and forever; true can change. Whatever is true in your life can now change to Truth. For that to change all you have to do is understand the concept. Here is the truth that will set you free. You are not on a journey to find God; God is on a journey to find you and the compassionate acts that you carry out are like sending out a flare and you send out flares to be rescued.

So here we have the Buddha, who is full of compassion because he sees people suffering. He goes out to help and his mind is now focused on relieving that suffering. Basically he is saying, ‘Hey, you’re getting it wrong’. Isn’t that what he is saying? As if God can get it wrong? Either this is God’s plan or it is not.

You have to ask yourself these three valuable questions:

Do you believe in God? If the answer is yes then go to the next question.

Do you believe that God created the whole game? If yes then answer the next question. If no, you probably think that you are God and are creating the game. In that case you will go on the path of the Buddha and you will suffer.

Do you believe in the Creator, in whatever form got it wrong? If not what are you doing trying to change it? So there are your concepts. The Buddha, this wonderful compassionate being went out and helped and it’s through the compassion of helping that grace intervened and grace is God.

The Buddha then said these words, “Events happen, deeds are done, there are consequences (that is called karma), there are no doers thereof.” There are no doers of the deeds; it is all God’s will. God is compassion and He/She will always put you back in your problems to make sure you deal with them before you come to him. It’s that simple. If you keep applying this, you will start to realize that you can sit back and just enjoy life, because He’s coming to collect you.

Wishing you well on your journey.

Love, Love, Love