The Bubble of Authenticity

What does it mean to be authentic in who you are? And what kind of challenges might you face by taking on the task of being authentically who you are?


Being authentic means looking at yourself in a critical way. Not criticizing, just having a critical eye, the same way you would ask someone to give you feedback or healthy criticism. Eventually we may even get to a stage where we realize that we are programmed to lie to ourselves the majority of the time. Our family, friends and environment all contribute to how we think we should think and feel – but how do we know when we are authentic to ourselves?

Being authentic is knowing that what you wear doesn’t make you who you are. Neither does the material things you have, nor where you come from or who your family is… All of that just creates a false sense of self you identify with. Who you really are transcends all of those programs.

The Bubble Exercise

The closer we get to our authentic self, the more difficult it is to be led into an action, event or organization that is out of integrity. Here is an exercise you can do every day when you wake up to explore who you really are.

  1. Sit up in bed and tell the world what you want from it. For example;
    “Today I am going to learn something new” or
    “Today I am going to serve the world better than yesterday,” or
    “Today I am going to find another aspect of myself that I didn’t know existed.”
  2. Then get out of bed, feet on the floor, and imagine an egg-shaped rainbow bubble descending over you.
  3. Use your intention to seal the top of the bubble with something meaningful to you – a wedding ring, a symbol or pendant you wear.
  4. Only allow positive energy into the bubble and don’t allow your negative energy to leave the bubble. Positive energy is good memories, thoughts, and experiences. Negative energies are hurtful experiences. The hurtful ones need to be held within the bubble so you don’t give that energy to others. It also gives you an opportunity to evaluate that experience.
  5. Send the negative energies to the top of the bubble and then release them up to Source for transformation. What you get in return is the gift of the lesson, and the freedom to release the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Doing this exercise daily will help you release energy around past negative experiences, so you can finally let go of programs or belief systems that have held you back in some way. This is one way to step into your Authentic Self every day.