Thank you, Variety, for the honor …

On Sunday night I had the great privilege of receiving the 2012 Humanitarian Award from Variety International the Children’s Charity. What an honor to have shared the evening with so many great souls including Dr. Fin Breatnach and Caroline Downey Desmond, who also received recognition for their charity work. The speech that I gave received 3 standing ovations as everyone in the room responded to the teachings of love. Some people even said it was the most powerful speech that Variety had heard in 30 years, calling it a world call to charity, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to deliver the message in this way. Louis Walsh, the X-factor judge, was moved to tears as was 3/4 of the room, and it was a moment that I believe will resonate for a long time to come. A video of the speech will be posted soon.

This award I share with my late wife, Linda, the great soul who taught and still teaches what true service is, a woman who never reached for any acknowledgment of her work, and continues to serve so many people even today. My family and friends joined me to celebrate the moment in acknowledgment of the real award winners, those who are awarded every day that they receive the grace to be able to help others in need.

Thank you all for your support. And may we all experience the joy and happiness that is our birthright.