Prema Agni Healing System

Unification of Peace.
Where all fields of consciousness are one.

Prema Agni Treatments

Represents the unification of peace

The Prema Agni offers a powerful energy treatment by simply drawing it on the back. Drawing the symbol opens up the sacred heart, allowing us to give and receive love more deeply. It can be drawn on anyone, by anyone. To honor this system, we ask that upon receiving this symbol, you pledge to donate $7 to a good cause (not to the person who draws it for you).

To learn how read the flyer below or watch the video.


The Meaning: 7 Fields of Enlightenment

In this symbol, all religions are honored, all mathematical laws (sacred geometry) are honored, all manifestation is honored and all fields of consciousness are one.

The deeper teachings of the Prema Agni align to the Buddhist practice of the 7 fields of enlightenment.

1. Mindfulness: to recognize reality

2. Vigor: energy and determination

3. Joy: the uplifting emotion during meditation

4. Serenity: tranquility in body and mind

5. Concentration: clear awareness, one-pointed state of mind

6. Equilibrium: To be aware without attachment or aversion

7. Penetration: Investigation of reality

Prema Agni Symbol

The Prema Agni is available as a pendant and can be worn as a talisman of protection or placed within your work or home to connect all who see it to the qualities of the 7 fields of enlightenment.


Please note, these activities are not intended to replace medical attention. We fully support and encourage everyone to follow the guidance released by medical and government agencies. If you are ill, please seek appropriate medical attention.


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