The Nature of Spiritual Intelligence

The Nature of Spiritual Intelligence

We have been led to believe in the importance of Intellectual Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), and Physical Quotient (PQ). In time, we come to realize the illusion of their position and begin the real journey to find our Spiritual Quotient (SQ). Spiritual Quotient represents pure energy of the highest vibration and frequency, the guiding tools for all that is created.

Science has shown it to be the only thing in existence that cannot be destroyed or even measured. This intelligence is ever present, permanent in all things and everywhere. It is spiritual intelligence that creates and destroys in equal measure, through what is known as cause and effect. Spirit is the cause and we humanity, are the effect. At the end of the journey of life we realize that in nothing is everything, and from nothing everything comes. From poverty to riches, from sickness to health, everything goes from manifest to un-manifest.

Spiritual Quotient sustains all other quotients, so first, find your Spiritual Quotient and the rest will be given to you. Real success is mastered when we use our Intellectual Quotient to learn through integrated education. Integrated education, not headucation, is putting what you learn into action using the five values of; love, truth, peace, right conduct and non-violence. This is the essence of the highest intelligence. When we learn through integrated education it leads to character, which leads to wisdom, which leads to the highest intelligence – our Spiritual Quotient. Only then can you say you’re a success, because unlike all other quotients, once achieved, your Spiritual Quotient can never be taken from you.