Scholarship Application

Take one step towards me and I shall take ten towards you.



Scholarships recognize those with a true desire to step up in their life and may also take into account social participation, community service, volunteer work and other qualities. If you would like financial assistance towards the cost of attending a Derek O’Neill event, please apply using the form below.

Please note, all applications must be submitted 2 weeks before an event to be considered. If you qualify for financial assistance, you will be notified via email within one-week of the event.


    Financial Info

    Our normal scholarship contribution is ½ off the price of the workshop. If your application is approved, are you able to pay the balance immediately?

    If not, what can you afford to pay at this time?

    Please describe your current financial situation and what are you actively doing to improve the situation.

    Have you been granted a scholarship in the past? Are you interested in paying into the fund for scholarships to help someone in the future?

    Please describe other means you have explored for financial assistance (i.e. asked a friend, picked up shifts).

    What would you like to do in exchange for a scholarship? e.g. Bring paying guests to the workshop? Promote? Other?


    Personal Info

    Full Name



    Phone number


    Marital Status

    Number of children


    Event Info

    What is the name of the workshop would you like to attend?

    Date of workshop

    Location of workshop

    Have you attended any of Derek’s workshops in the past?

    If yes, when did you last attend (approximate month/year)?

    How did you hear of Derek?


    Your Situtation

    What is your motivation for wanting to be at this workshop?


    Is there a particular area of your life that needs healing at this time? If so, what benefit do you feel you will receive from the workshop?


    Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding your application?


    Thank yourself for completing this application. We appreciate the time you have taken to tell us about yourself and honor your commitment to serving your highest good by attending a workshop with Derek O’Neill.


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