Energy & Consciousness

People often wonder how remote attendance to one of my workshops works. Scientists have long since proven that everything is energy and that even the observation of an experiment influences its outcome. Energy, whether a dense form of matter like your body or an invisible form such as time, is the movement of consciousness.

Consciousness has a cosmic order or what can be called supreme intelligence – nature is a great example of this. Consciousness is the source of all that is, you, me, all of time and space and the life forms across the universe. This is where the notion of ‘we are all one’ comes from, and it is how we are all connected.

You may notice that when you direct energy through prayer or sending positive thoughts to someone, it can influence their healing and health. There is a teaching that says ‘what you put out is what you get back’, this is the law of karma. What you create today with your words, thoughts and actions determines what happens in your future. So doesn’t it make sense to focus on positive, life-sustaining and healing activities?

Since we all create our own reality, we must also be willing to accept the positive vibes that are being sent our way. This is the logic behind ‘all healing is self-healing’. In some cases, those who do not chose to return to health, whether they believe that it is not possible or whether they have chosen to rebalance past karmic actions, are all working through experiences in the cosmic game of life. No judgement, all are on their own journey. We have to be willing to let people be where they are.

Remote Attendance

If you are ready for change, a shift, some deeper insight or need support in your life and you can’t join us physically, remote attendance is a wonderful option!

There is a lot of energy that gets created at these events, and enrolling in remote attendance is your ‘exchange’ to tap into that positive energy.  Now as we are physical beings, being at an event in person is a much more tactile experience. Hearing the vibration of a drum as you sit beside a musician is a different experience to hearing the music on the radio, is it not? That doesn’t mean that you won’t get immense benefit from hearing the music wherever you are.

Here is a letter that I received not log ago as an example of how very real the transformation can be.

Dear Derek

This is a testimonial to the power of attending your workshops by remote.

Last night I finished listening to your latest workshop Anxiety to Calmness and so had the opportunity to participate in the meditation exercise near the end. I knew something would come up overnight and sure enough this morning was spent in rivers of tears of realization and release.

I knew from your previous workshop, Mum’s List Legacy that I had an issue with shame. You said, “Shame on you if you don’t have a Twitter account and follow me” during your intro (You don’t waste time in delivering messages!). Boy, was I motivated! I quickly signed up for a Twitter account. That’s how I knew shame was a driver in my operating system. 

A couple days later, you said on Twitter that suppressed emotions could wreak havoc (paraphrased). I knew that I was suppressing shame and that shame was suppressing other emotions and creating a blockage to my abundance.

Now back to the river of tears. A friend has been urging me to go to Creacon – actually to see if I could get a job there. I made excuses, but her insistence irritated me (a sign of a deeper message). At the end of your presentation last night you urged people to go to Creacon. That doggone message again!

The first (and only time) I went to Creacon I got off the bus and my eyes welled up in tears and the thought came “this is home”. I spent the next few days immersed in “home” and made the intention to return from time to time. Later, I made a reservation to come “home” only to have Destiny in the form of Zena grab me by the hair and yank me out of the entire EU as I acquired the status of “illegal” (oh, the shame!). The next time I made plans to visit, I needed to leave the EU again.

This morning I realized that I subconsciously took these events as a rejection from what I associated as Mother – Creacon Lodge. I felt too ashamed to show my face at such a pristine place as Creacon due to the unspeakable nature of my background (illogical I know!). My own mother rejected me you see. 

So shame is the rotten fruit that fell from the tree when you shook it. It took several times! I am truly grateful for your service and the service of Creacon. I am so so grateful that we all can attend your workshops wherever we are in the wide wonderful world. Thank you.

Now that the rotten fruit has fallen, may it turn to fertilizer so a new seed can grow.

In Gratitude,


Remote Healing

I hope it goes without saying, that remote healing follows the same rules. If you are ready for transformation in your life, I highly recommend you seek out a Rising Star or Prema Birthing Teacher. These modalities are incredibly powerful and have truly impacted thousands of lives for the better.


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