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Thank you for listening to my interview on Borrowed Wisdom, I hope you enjoyed it! As promised, I have included the first chapter of my new book Love/Divorce for FREE! As a bonus, you will also recieve my best-selling book Relationships.




Love/Divorce: Soulmate or Cellmate? looks at the role of love – for others and for ourselves – in partnerships. The first section looks at some of the issues that can create challenges, and the second part of the book focuses on the journey coming out of a marriage/partnership and the post-divorce/break-up experience when we re-establish who we are, what we want in life and how we can act on and share what we have learned.




What seems like a quest for love is very often a search for someone we think will change the way we feel about ourselves. We believe our soul mate will transform our low self-esteem. He or she will adore us and make up for all the past hurts, feelings of inadequacy and poor self-image. We fear being alone and think we will seem like a failure if we don’t have a partner. A relationship based on these things is destined to fall apart. No one can make up for a lack of self-love and no one can heal the parts of you that you need to work on yourself.




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The Get a Grip pocket book series has not come about as a result of my training as a therapist, but through some hard-learned lessons that I have experienced myself. This is how I know the path out of limiting beliefs and behaviors that hinder our growth. The tools that I offer in this book have worked not only for me, but also for hundreds, if not thousands, of people. I have shared these ideas in workshops, one-on-one sessions, and on my website. Through observation of myself and others, I have learned to identify the triggers and root causes of disharmony. Most of all, I have come to understand and utilize the best methods to achieve peace and balance again in life; not perfection, but real transformation and harmony that comes with learning who we are and what makes us tick. My 35 years of martial arts study has given me a refined sense of timing for when to strike with the sword to cut away old patterns and beliefs, and when to use the brush to paint the picture in my mind of the life we deserve and can have.


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