Reduce your stress! Learn to “switch off”…

Life is filled with diversions and disruptions that can create a lot of stress! How can you best take on and process whatever comes your way, while focusing on things that are really important to you? When we make a determined effort to take a break from all the distractions, create a peaceful space within ourselves, and “switch off,” we are better equipped to handle stress.

During a recent live stream event at Creacon Lodge – “How to Switch Off” – I talked about the ways we can implement tools to reduce stress and adopt a new outlook about recharging ourselves. Peace is a lifestyle and a choice. It’s up to you to take actions that can change the way you cope with anxiety and tension. Stepping back, relaxing, and nurturing new energy is essential! You’ll be able to cope with all that life presents, along with having more compassion and ability to serve. Switching off is a gift you give yourself – and to others in your life.

Do you know your limits? Do you commit to more than you can handle? Are you afraid to offend someone by saying “no,” or think that always pushing yourself past what is possible makes you a good person? Among other aspects of this timely subject, I discussed how important it is for you to identify and communicate your needs, and to know your boundaries.

To explore more of this great topic, download the lively discussion on my Audio Downloads page.

Take good care of yourself. Limit your use of technology, learn techniques for sleeping well, and change your environment for a more peaceful mindset. Learning how to step back and unwind is vital to balancing your life. If you don’t switch off sometimes, you’ll never truly switch on! It all starts with making some key changes in your attitude and perspective.

Derek O’Neill