Recognize bullying and put a stop to it!

During last weeks show on “The Way” we looked at the important and urgent issue of bullying. Thankfully, bullying – and how to end it – is gaining widespread attention in our world. It’s a topic I’m passionate about. I bring my own experiences of being bullied as a child to address the subject, as I’m sure many of you do. Bullying, of any kind, is NOT acceptable and we have to take action to stamp it out. Whether a child or adult is being bullied, remember, there is always hope and help available.

There are clear signs of bullying. Recognizing that the abuse is happening is the first step. Look for bruising from physical bullying and deal with it immediately. Psychological bullying can be even more damaging, and is very dangerous since it can often go undetected. Is your child making excuses not to visit places or groups that they used to enjoy? Are you, your child or a friend who may be caught in a bullying dynamic suddenly not taking care of their appearance or their general health? Has their enthusiasm slipped? Cyber bullying is a huge area of abuse in our times. How do you deal with this new, pervasive and cowardly form of bullying?

The excellent tweets and calls I took on the show opened the topic up to more great discussion and discovery. I gave some important advice on how to make sure that you have communicated and reported the bullying appropriately, how to stand up to the bully and make changes in your own environment, why your subconscious can create a bullying situation – and how to heal that energy – and why parents must be mindful of what they say in the presence of children. Too many bullies are being formed by parents’ negative words, gossip and prejudice!

Tune into the archives of “The Way” on my downloads page and listen to this healing discussion about an occurrence that has far-reaching effects on both individuals and our world. Change is possible and is happening all the time!

Join me for next week’s “The Way” when I’ll be interviewing the renowned Dr. Raymond Moody, who coined the phrased “near-death experience.” His insight about this fascinating topic is not to be missed!