ReAwaken the Heart

The reason there are so many byass operations performed in hospitals is that people are bypassing their hearts. If you look at the statistics, that number has actually decreased in recent years. This is because the world is beginning to awaken to Love. The consciousness of the planet is rising and it is because of symbols like the Prema Agni. It has an energetic effect on those who see and wear it.

Prema Agni is a sacred symbol that has come into the world in order to help humanity to reawaken its heart.


Love cannot flourish until people truly open their hearts. What happens is that the energy of Mother Earth comes upwards, and if our hearts are closed, it goes to our heads and we become hopelessly analytical and get stuck in the mind. Then the energy of Father Sky comes downwards, and if our hearts are closed, it goes into the lower chakras and we become trapped in sexuality, which you see a lot in our society now – mistaking sex for love. This sacred symbol is vitally important for the Earth at this time as it can correct these imbalances. It all starts with us opening our hearts and allowing Divine Love to flow through us and into the world. Basically, when God gave me this symbol, he said:

“I’m giving this symbol back to the world because it is time that love poured forth, back to all the places where love was locked out.”

Within the Prema Agni is represented every major religion in the world. Like God, it incorporates everything. The nine-pointed zig-zag lightning bolt represents completion and when this lightning bolt hits your heart, it breaks it open and everything you’ve ever wanted to let out or let into your life can flow the way it’s supposed to.

If I had one wish for the world it would be that this symbol is drawn on every child when it is born. How much better would that be than a smack on the bum! If this symbol is drawn on a dying person, their transition into the light will go smoothly and easily. Do not underestimate the power of our intentions, and the power behind this symbol is unmistakeable for those who have experienced it.


Global Prema Agni Day

SQ Worldwide Members have created a day to celebrate this beautiful symbol called Global Prema Agni Day (GPAD). To find an event in your area or to learn more visit 


Learn to Draw Prema Agni

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