When Prayers Really Get Answered

Every thought, word and action is a prayer that manifest through the Divine Creator. When you are alone, it is a silent conversation between you and your Creator. I always say that when I’m alone, I pray silently and when I am with others, I pray aloud.  It is called the ‘More Truth Will Set You Free’ Workshop; this is my prayer or offering.

Understand that prayers for others are answered much more quickly than prayers for yourself and remember that desiring something will block it.

If you need any guidance, pray just once and let it go. If you pray the second time, you automatically cancel it because now your prayer has become a desire, and God doesn’t give desires. He gives you what you need, not what you want. So just ask once, but say it three times, because three is the number of manifestation. When you hang onto it or you continue to ask for the same thing, you have gone to your God as a beggar, not as a divine child. So stop begging it is already on its way, in spite of you.

Only God knows that next step to our path. Pray that God’s will be done and that your lessons come quickly, gently and easily. Then you leave open the infinite possibilities of God’s Grace. If you are praying and you are attached to the results, you will be disappointed. Suppose your child is sick and your prayer is that he be healed. Ask yourself, why are you praying? Are you praying for his highest and best good? Or are you praying because you do not want to lose your child? The illness may be the child’s quickest way to God, and God’s plans are God’s plans. God’s plan may be that you take the child to a doctor and let God heal the child through the doctor.

Stop praying for miracles; just know they are already on the way. A fleeting thought that is all it takes, let it up and go, then the miracles happen. What we are looking for is real love, and real love is happening all around us. Sometimes we are just blind to it. The truth is, there are infinite possibilities, so simply pray that God’s will be done.  This prayer will always be answered.

Hope to see you next month in Phoenix, LA, New York and Boston.

Love Love Love