Peace is a Lifestyle

Do you go through your days with an attitude of peace, or of turmoil? All of us face a multitude of challenges, great and small, and the choice to move through the ups and downs of life with peace, reliance and self-love, is ours for the asking. During this month’s talk at Creacon Lodge, I discussed the concept of adopting peace as a lifestyle. Yes, it is a lifestyle. The importance of this subject is not to be ignored – individual peace is where we need to start before we can begin to tackle global peace …

There’s no avoiding confusion and upheaval, but instead of escalating their effects, if we use the knowledge and tools of peace, we come to realize that the confusion is an opportunity to learn about ourselves and/or our situation. Doing an “ecology check,” in which you shift through the external life around you and ask yourself insightful questions, (“Just where am I in life? Why am I here? Does it suit what I need right now? Am I trying to prove something to someone with my choices?”), is a place to start. Looking at your subconscious, and the way the past shapes your reactions and emotions, is also an integral part of the journey. Your internal voice can play a huge role in living in peace. Are you speaking to yourself in a positive manner, or beating yourself up? What are your beliefs and values, and how to they shape your attitude? Is ego and pride getting in the way of peace in your life?

The Universe sends you what you are meant to look at, and everyone who appears in your life reflects who you are at that point in time. If you resist these truths you’ll block peace in your life.

To make peace a lifestyle, use tools to cope with stress, anger and confusion. If you want to learn more about HOW to make peace a lifestyle, you can download the audio recording of my talk. You’ll hear some great questions that came from the live audience and the Internet.

– Derek O’Neill