Paths of Consciousness Tour

Irish Wellness Expert Derek O’Neill Announces New USA Spring Tour ‘Paths of Consciousness’

Teaching people how to use consciousness to overcome suffering, fear, trauma and pain.


New York, NY – February 1, 2018 — Consciousness is a word we use – and hear – often, but do we really understand what it is? Renown Meditation Teacher and Wellness Expert Derek O’Neill has announced his latest wellbeing workshop ‘Paths of Consciousness’, to be held in NY 3-4 March and in LA 10-11 March. Tickets available at This workshop will demonstrate how your state of mind – your consciousness – influences your life in every conceivable way.

Derek explains how life is a pendulum that swings back and forth, from pleasure to pain, from darkness to light; and that we choose which one we want to experience at any given time.

“Consciousness is continually manifesting your world on a conscious, subconscious and superconscious level. Ultimately, consciousness is energy. By bringing together the three levels of consciousness, we can shift and change that energy for greater happiness, peace and a deeper connection to Source.” Says Derek O’Neill

Derek teaches audiences how to be aware of their consciousness, and the role each level of consciousness plays in various scenarios such as emotions, relationships, abuse, addiction etc. Participants will also learn techniques to access a higher level of consciousness in order to change their reality. Learning to overcome fear, anxiety, past trauma, depression and unhealthy patterns to find greater happiness, fulfillment and meaning in their lives.



Workshop Dates


The workshop offers a two-day format, both sessions are open to the public, no experience necessary. All are welcome.

New York March 3-4

Los Angeles March 10-11

Day One:

Day one will offer guided meditations, music, conversation and question/answer format.

Investment $50

Day Two:

Day two is a similar format, with an emphasis on exploring deeper, more esoteric aspects of spiritual teachings.

SUNDAY 10AM – 4 or 4:30PM
Investment $200


About Derek O’Neill

Drawing from his own healing journey, a successful psychotherapy practice, a master-blackbelt martial arts career and intensive study with wise Indian and Tibetan masters, Derek engages audiences with his famous Irish humor, sharing teachings on consciousness. His charisma is magnetic and his energy palpable, as he artfully blends the wisdom of the yogis with modern wellbeing techniques. Derek reveals how we too can overcome life’s biggest challenges and answer life’s biggest questions.

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