Paths Are Many, Destinations Are One


We are each on our own path, yet, in so many ways, we are all headed for the same destination – an understanding of who we are. What is your path? Do you feel that you are on the right road, or perhaps taking a detour to get where you need to be? On yesterday’s “The Way,” we talked about the journey we all take, and how we can enjoy it, no matter what are experiencing at any particular point in our lives.

Grace, beauty and love are sometimes our traveling partners as we go down our path, but challenges, hurdles and crap, yes, crap, also join us for the ride. We naturally go into fight mode when faced with things in life that we want to deny. The key to understanding our challenges is to move into a stage where “happening” is accepted. Good, bad and neutral; it is just “happening” in your life. You will meet all of it on your path.

How do we shift our energy in order to ease the journey we are on? How can we learn to reprogram our minds and accept the confusion that we sometimes meet along the way? If you missed the show, please listen from the archives and explore this great, very practical topic with me. The wonderful calls and tweets I took opened new doors on the issue, also. There’s a multitude of helpful information waiting for you on “Paths Are Many – Destinations Are One.” And be sure to check out previous weeks’ shows. As you put all these helpful discussions together, you’ll see a clear “path” to changing your life!

Derek O’Neill