The Cult of Fear

Love is a natural state for humans and the universe. It is our fear that creates strife, distrust, unhappiness and, on the larger scale, world conflict. Unfortunately, people tend not to enjoy love. They distrust it, especially if it seems present all the time. Humanity is not wired to accept abundant love.’ Read more »

The Nature of Spiritual Intelligence

We have been lead to believe in the importance of Intellectual Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), and Physical Quotient (PQ). In time, we come to realize the illusion of their position and being the real journey to find our Spiritual Quotient (SQ).’ Read more »


Premapranahuti Manifestation by Action and the 8 Fold Path Premapranahuti represents the buddhist teachings of the 8 fold path, where happiness, joy, and love are created by prana (chi) – the life force energy that permeates the entire universe.   1. Right Understanding Understand that life is ever changing, in flux – yet we can… Read more »

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FEATURED BOOK: Stress We live in a time where stress has become a common and perplexing challenge. How do we alleviate pressure and anxiety when life seems so overwhelming? Read More


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