Service In Action

Tonight the work we are doing at charities such as SQ Foundation was recognized when Arts for India presented me with the Dayawati Modi Global Award 2017 for contributions in the field of philanthropy. Read more »

What is underneath your anger?

Anger is an emotion that forces us to look deeper within ourselves and examine our relationship to the world. In many ways, it is a perfect reflection of the idea that we have a choice when it comes to how we respond and react to events and people in our lives.  Read more »

Relationships Ebook

 1ST CHAPTER OF DEREK O’NEILL’S LATEST BOOK Love/Divorce No one can know where the journey that a couple takes together will lead. What keeps us together? What breaks us apart? Whether we remain in a romantic partnership, or transition out of it, there is wisdom in the idea of love driving both experiences. It is… Read more »


FREE GIFTS   Thank you for listening to my interview on Borrowed Wisdom, I hope you enjoyed it! As promised, I have included the first chapter of my new book Love/Divorce for FREE! As a bonus, you will also recieve my best-selling book Relationships.   Love/Divorce SOULMATE OR CELLMATE? Love/Divorce: Soulmate or Cellmate? looks at the role of love –… Read more »

Finding the Courage to Grieve

If we continue to treat grief as something to avoid we are not only fooling ourselves, but also hurting ourselves. If there is no acceptance, there is no healing.
 Read more »

Why You Don’t Always Get What You Want

I am confused about how to consciously create my own reality. In one sense I may want something consciously, but then I feel that my higher self brings me the experience that I need to have for my soul growth instead. So how does creating my reality consciously work? Read more »

Four Steps to Negative Emotions

All emotions are gathered in the subconscious. Every time you feel an emotion, whether it is fear, anger, jealousy, envy, or bitterness, it doesn’t begin in your conscious mind. It always starts in your unconscious mind. Read more »


LiveStream There are no LiveStream events scheduled. To download the last event, use the link below. To download past events please visit the ‘Store‘. Shortcut Out of Stress, Sunday February 25, 2017  Purchase Recording   How to Watch LiveStreaming 1. Click the white box where it says ‘$25 USD for 90 minutes of access’ and… Read more »

Turning Trauma to Healing

We are constantly being triggered. If you don’t understand your triggers you continue to react inappropriately when faced with situations, events, relationships and challenges that are not truly connected to whatever happened to you in the past.  Read more »


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