New Book: Stop The Struggle

Derek O'Neill Book Stop the Struggle

Stop the Struggle: Live Fully, Be Happy

I am very excited to launch my new book, Stop The Struggle. It contains lessons I gained during my own spiritual journey, and some of the teachings I learned along the way. Although I started writing this book many years ago, it contains messages I received from my teacher, that are very relevant to what is happening in the world today.

Many of you have heard me share the message my teacher gave me about the Prema Agni symbol and the instructions to build 77 healing centers.

“This symbol will help build 77 healing centers,” he said. “When the world economy collapses – and it will – build 77 healing centers. You build them and I will fill them to capacity.”

Through a series of messages I received, it became clear that we were headed for calamity around 2020 to 2023. My studies also revealed that we have 77 energy points in our body, all of which are linked to our chakras, or pranas, the centers of our life force.

In Stop the Struggle, I explain how the events in our lives create our lessons for spiritual growth. You see, we all have pivot points in our lives, where events are so overwhelming, they get pushed into our subconscious mind, only to reveal themselves later as anger, fear, addiction, shame, excessive desire for status or money, and a toxic need for love or acceptance, amongst other things. 

As human beings, we are attracted to pleasure and averted by pain. We avoid looking at past events to protect ourselves from the pain of self-analysis, yet we struggle to find lasting happiness. When we recognize that we cannot control everything, we begin to ‘stop the struggle’. When we realize that we can control our reaction to negative events in our lives, we become empowered.

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Stop The Struggle is a memoir of my lessons on the path to self-understanding, shaped by physical and emotional abuse, family alcoholism, the death of a spouse, a mystical spiritual awakening and a career in psychotherapy. It illustrates how counseling and spiritual teachings can help us identify the root cause of our struggles and transform their negative impact, so we can reach our full potential, and live happier and healthier lives. 

Read this book with an open mind, stop the struggle and become everything you were born to be. 
Love Love Love Derek