My Thoughts on the Incident in Afghanistan

The shooting of innocent civilians in Afghanistan by an American solider was a tragic and very sad event. It is also an opportunity for us to look deeper, to understand our fellow human beings, and feel compassion when we hear about something having gone so wrong out in the world.

As an ex-solider myself. I understand the mindset of the solider who goes into a country to liberate it, only to find him or herself becoming the occupier. It’s not hard to understand that intense feelings of conflict, tension, and confusion could develop for these soldiers who are not sure of what their job is anymore. Are you a helper or an aggressor? Misunderstood as a sort of cult, or bringing real assistance? In that environment the mind can snap, and in an extreme situation, it is that kind of turmoil that leads a young man to go on a killing spree. God help him as he needs our compassion, as do the families of those killed. This is a shocking and upsetting incident, but it’s not about shame and blame.

– Derek O’Neill