Ventura, CA : Rising Star Practioner Training

15th May 2016
1:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Join Rising Star Teacher, Andi Girl, at a Private Home in Southern CA.
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The Rising Star Healing System is an incredibly
comprehensive, measurable, yet gentle holistic system,
sourced from ancient Tibetan lineages. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) to hold more life-force energy, so it can rebalance dis-ease in the body.
Each session brings healing to all 7 body systems,
the major chakras, addressing both the symptoms and
the cause of the dis-ease; thus making it an extraordinarily effective system of treatment. The Rising
Star Healing System is a living energy - continually adapts, adjusts and incorporates new healing energies as they emerge. The Initiation to become a Rising Star practitioner is completely pure. Even if you do not plan to offer sessions to others, once the Rising Star is within your aura, that healing energy will benefit all who come into your energy field. The practitioner is trained to hold the energy and create the space for you to heal on whatever level you are ready for. A self-healing system, all it takes to work is your
willingness to heal.

Becoming a practitioner of the Rising Star will enable you to be in greater service to yourself, others and the Divine.

Rising Star Training Overview:
◊ Learn the origin of the Rising Star and its lineage
◊ Receive training materials with full instruction on
how to perform a Rising Star healing - in person and remotely
◊ Learn how to do a Rising Star self-healing
◊ Master the So Hum meditation to strengthen your healing practice
◊ Practicum; in-class practice with classmates
◊ Receive source-to-source Initiation into the Rising Star
Healing System
◊ Technique certification and access to SQ Membership
◊ Best Practices; Session Experiences; Questions & Answers
1:30pm **(Includes light meal & snacks!)

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EXCHANGE: $700 (may be paid in 2 installments of $350.)
(RE-FRESHER: $150)

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Ventura, CA : Rising Star Practioner Training