RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS-A New 4-Part Conference Call Series

16th December 2018
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A fascinating exploration into ascension, self-realization and the levels of consciousness.

Ascension, self-realization, awakening - they are all teams that describe a certain level of consciousness. Many cultures, philosophies, and belief systems offer teachings that can illuminate a fascinating exploration into our very being. Ultimately, consciousness is energy.

Buddhist teachings offer nine levels of consciousness. Levels 1-5 encompass the use of our senses - the consciousness of what we see, hear, smell, touch and taste. We don't all experience these levels the same way from day-to-day or person-to-person, because our belief systems create filters that alter our perceptions.

Levels 6-8 lead up to the subconscious level where the blueprint of your life and its karma resides. Level 9 is pure consciousness and enlightenment which is accessed through teachings and meditation and is the highest rung of the superconscious.

Join me for this new series of Q & A conference calls, where we'll explore the nature of consciousness, how to move up the levels and how to use consciousness for greater happiness, peace and a deeper connection to Source.

Please keep in mind, if you plan on joining the live calls, participation in the form of questions helps to energetically optimize the experience for the group. If this is a new area for you, my book "Consciousness - It's all over you" from the Get A Grip series is a great resource to explore.

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RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS-A New 4-Part Conference Call Series