Practitioner Training & Initiation: Rising Star Healing

26th July 2015
11:30 am - 5:30 pm

RISING STAR HEALING Practitioner Training & Initiation
The Rising Star is one of the most powerful and simple healing systems that people can master. Initiation to become a Rising Star practitioner is from Source to Source, completely pure. It brings your body, mind, and spirit back into balance, working on all levels, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etheric, and energetic - all 7 body systems and all major chakras. The Rising Star Healing System is a living energy and continually adapts, adjusts and incorporates new healing energies as they emerge. Even if you do not plan to offer sessions to others, once the Rising Star is within your aura, that healing energy will benefit all who come into your energy field. Becoming a practitioner of the Rising Star Healing System will enable you to be in a greater service to yourself, others, and the Divine. This healing modality incorporates many other systems of healing from all around the world, including India, Tibet, China, Japan, Europe and Celtic.
The Rising Star is a powerful self-healing system. The practitioner is trained to hold the energy and create the space for you to heal on whatever level you are ready for. Rising Star Training Overview:

Learn the origin of the Rising Star and its lineage
Receive full instruction on how to perform a Rising Star healing - in person and remotely
Learn how to do a Rising Star self-healing
Master the So Hum meditation to strengthen your healing practice
Practicum - doing Rising Star Healing Sessions with classmates
Receive Initiation into the Rising Star Healing System
Rising Star Healing System Technique
Best Practices Rising Star Healing Session Experiences
Healing Technique & Session Questions and Answers

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EXCHANGE: $700 (may be paid in 2 installments.)

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Practitioner Training & Initiation: Rising Star Healing