Let Spirit Lead You To Freedom

17th September 2016
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Famous for charming Irish storytelling, intuitive gifts, and devotion to humanity, Celtic Sage Derek O'Neill provides insight into the human condition, with enlightening perspectives and scientifically proven techniques for how to address today's most challenging personal and global issues.

Based on his life work as a martial arts sensei, psychotherapist and his study with wise yogis and Indian and Tibetan masters, Derek O'Neill utilizes his signature 7-step Sword and Brush technique to root out flaws in your mind and body, allowing SPIRIT - the real source of power - to restore the balance needed so you can bring your ideas and dreams into manifestation.

The Sword and Brush technique balances and revitalizes Yin and Yang energy in your entire being, empowering you with the edge of the Sage and wisdom of the Masters.  The sword represents the male energy of power, aggression and strength - it is used to cut away that which no longer serves the model of the world (or business) you wish to create.  The brush balances this action with feminine energy, grace and flexibility, enabling you to paint a new picture of yourself and the life you wish to create.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insight into the root-cause of any anxiety, stress, fear, depression, unhealthy relationship patterns or illnesses, and learn how to breakthrough anything blocking the success and freedom you've always dreamed of!


Morristown, New Jersey

Hyatt Regency Morristown

3 Speedwell Avenue



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Let Spirit Lead You To Freedom