Heal The Pain of Your Past

13th November 2016
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Wounds, scars, trauma, shock - are these words, you use to describe painful events in your life? if your past still plagues you, it will show up as addiction, poverty, weight, depression, grief, anxiety, unhealthy relationships and physical dis-ease.

We often hold on to painful things that have happened to us and start to believe it is the story of who we are.  Adopting a different attitude about pain and suffering can dramatically transform the quality of your life.

"There is value in understanding the past, but none in reliving it."

Letting go of blame, resentment, and anger is achieved through forgiveness.  Forgiveness does not justify wrongdoing.  Rather, it is finding the strength not to be emotionally enslaved by the past or the actions of others.

Sometimes the most difficult person to forgive is our self.  The choices you make in your life always have a purpose and everybody that appears in your life is a message.  They reveal where you are and what you might need to look at in order to affect the change you want to see in yourself.  It is a process that must start from a place of self-love and self-forgiveness.

Join me in Los Angeles as we explore practical tools to let go of the pain in your past and embrace forgiveness, so you can reconnect with the essence of who you really are.

This will be an intimate gathering with only 120 seats available.  We expect the event to sell out quickly so please register today.


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Heal The Pain of Your Past