Judgement vs Awareness: How to Tell the Difference

Everyone struggles between awareness and judgment. Awareness just is. Judgment is not. Awareness and judgment are a double-edged sword with an extraordinarily sharp blade. The way to know the difference between the two is to feel it in your body. The discernment of awareness has no fear. It just is.

The discernment of judgment cuts hard, and when you find out you judged wrong, it creates pain. If you want to know the difference between the two, it is a feeling. Awareness is sent down the tube of easy reality. Judgment is sent down the tube of your will. The most important awareness is to be aware that you are not aware of anything.

What is causing most of the pain is judgment. Judgment comes from information from others, gleaned from others in this lifetime and past. Judgment causes a lot of pain. Judgment comes from comparing yourself to others.

If we take the word judgment and transfer it to conditioning, well, then you know why you are here. You have come here to have your conditioning updated to Truth. Judgment stops when Truth is present.

You have to know the difference between Truth and judgment. We all know there is a fine line between judgment and discernment. Sometimes we don’t know which side of that line we are walking on. It is very simple. When you are in discernment, there is no suffering. When you are in judgment, suffering will always be present.

Always keep in mind that you are limited, because if you do, then you know it is not possible to have the full picture in front of you. If you haven’t got the full picture, then there’s a good chance that you are in judgment. If you sit quietly there’s a good chance that discernment will enter. It will come from a Source that has a bigger picture than you.

In Buddhism, connecting with this Source is called, calling the “Lama from Afar”—calling your guru or teacher and asking for inner guidance. You don’t go on the Internet; you go on the “Inner-net.” Source will bring you to this stage when the awareness arises and you are not in judgment. There will be no more looking at television. There will come “Tell-A-Vision.” Anything you get is to be shared. It is not just for you. It is for everybody that is you.

“Give me your ears and your eyes, those that will listen and those that will see. I will show you wonders beyond belief, but only when you are ready.”

An expert from the book More Truth Will Set You Free


This book is an inner and outer journey of great benefit to all walks of life. Derek O’Neill is a master spiritual teacher, healer, and philanthropist. The teaching contained in this book offer ways to develop consciousness, compassion and cooperation and to free yourself from long standing obstacles and step into love, joy and empowerment.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay