Joy cannot be found until you find yourself …

On today’s “The Way” – “Find You, Find Joy,” I had the opportunity to share a very important key to happiness and a joyful life. Do you know who you really are? Do you react to projections from other people, and the way that they view you? The influence of our experiences, especially in childhood, is a huge factor in our daily exchanges in terms of self-perception and self-worth. Until we look deeper into ourselves, we won’t break through to a more realistic and loving outlook of who we truly are.

When an event occurs and you feel misunderstood or judged unfairly, take some time for perspective, and then look at it again. Your unconscious sees more at that point. Recognize projection. What does the other person carry to the interaction? What “stuff” do you bring to the table? All perception is projection. Anything you project out into the world manifests. Be careful what you take in and project – This is why it is so critical that you know who you are. When you grasp the bigger picture, you’ll find the happiness and joy that you seek.

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