Join Us At Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre In Ireland

When in residence at Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre, a beautiful countryside retreat for healing and rejuvenation, Derek often invites guests and locals to gather for his popular and thought-provoking ‘Inspirational Talks’.

During these events, Derek shares practical advice on how to address the challenges we face in our lives. Drawing from personal experience, a successful psychotherapy practice, and deep spiritual teachings, Derek artfully translates ancient wisdom into practical tools and techniques, helping us to identify and release the limiting belief systems and patterns that cause emotional and physical imbalances.

Derek covers a variety of topics, including depression, weight loss, financial challenges, dream interpretation, self-empowerment, addiction, karma, reincarnation, death and so much more – all talks are based in the fundamental truth that we create our own reality and we have the power to change our life for the better.

Experience these amazing events in person at Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre or explore recorded teachings and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.



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