How To Create Peace

The Source of Peace is Within

Peace is something we have to create, it is something that we have to take full responsibility for when it’s not there, instead of being the victim, because being a victim cannot create peace or harmony. If you understand that your life is your creation, whether peaceful or non-peaceful, then you being to understand how it works. Each of us have this piece of spongy stuff in our cranium that definitely causes a reaction to experiences we’ve had, specifically in our childhood. When an event happens there is only ever two responses to choose from, you response determines peace or suffering.

So, here’s generally how the system works: we have a conscious mind and we have a sub-conscious mind. We are consciously aware of what we’re doing or think we are, but in fact it’s our unconscious that’s running most of our life. If you feel you are unworthy in life to have a good relationship, a car, a house, to be happy or have peace, it’s that belief that needs to be changed.

Before peace arrives into your life there will always be upheaval, there will always be turmoil, there will always be confusion. So instead of being frightened by confusion we should be inviting it as part of the process to bring it to where it is we want to go.

External Environment

Many people turn to meditation when their relations are falling apart, their losing their jobs, they are experiencing great stress. So the next time you experience turmoil, look to the right and say, you know what, the good thing is peace is on the way. The root cause of turmoil is something out of place or time, so that’s the only time you’ll be in turmoil when something is out of place, something’s not working, you’re out of time, you did something before you should have been done, you weren’t prepared enough for it, you become anxious, and anxiety builds the stress, and stress turns into turmoil, and we’re all in the same heap again.

So the root cause of turmoil is something out of place and time, so if you want to stop turmoil I would suggest you begin to look around. If there is an environment or somebody in your life that is constantly negative, it’s like giving you a dose of the flu every time you’re with them. Sooner or later you have to make a decision that says the ecology of this place does not suit where I am and what I need right now and in order to empower myself is to change locations.

Internal Environment

So that’s your external part, the internal part of the environment check is your thoughts. Are your through negative or positive? Do they switch and change a lot? Is there a specific set of thoughts you have that are constant? Like ‘oh God if only I lost 40 lbs I’d be better’. Your beliefs are creating wars now around the world, they’re creating wars within our family, am I right?  If there are wars around us and within our family then there is a war within us, because all war starts with self.

We are all connected, we are all made of the exact same thing, we are all made up of energy, energy is the only thing on the planet that cannot be destroyed. Modern science is now explaining the truths of the ancient, we are all connected and we are all wired the exact same way.  We are attracted to pleasure and averted by pain, we are all wired that way.  So when an event happens we’re going to react one of two ways, positively or negatively, so you are driving your car down the road and BANG, you hit another car, what do you do? Do you jump out of the car and you ask the people in the other car if they are okay? That’s a very positive approach and you’ll probably get quite a positive response. If you jump out of your car screaming and shouting you’re probably going to meet that same reflection back to you. So it’s up to you to decide what way you’re going to respond to the events in your life and your beliefs and values play a huge part in what your reaction will be.

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