Helping People Through Death and Dying

Help Through Death And Dying

Our western cultures tend to build a well-fortified denial of loss, especially death. Understanding death, instead of denying or avoiding it, prepares and informs us. Death is an illusion. Your physical form is going to constantly change. Your journey – and all that it entails, including grief and loss – is given to you. You do not go down a spiritual path to have a happy life. You travel on it to stir up all the garbage and look at it, so it does not follow you from one existence to another. You can sit at the bar for two hundred lifetimes but eventually, you have to get off the stool! That is why you are here. Once you start digging deeper, something begins to shift in you that outweighs your fears and strengthens your resilience to grief. 

How do we get to that point where we understand that death is an illusion? Many years ago, I taught a workshop on the Tibetan Wheel of Life, which describes the process of death and dying. Since then I have had countless students ask about death, particularly when faced with the death of their loved ones. In recent weeks, with the COVID-19 epidemic, this was top of mind for many in our extended family.

As a way to help make the Tibetan Wheel of Life teaching more accessible, I have created a free little booklet. My hope is that these teachings and wisdom about impermanence can be a source of comfort. Death is not unknown, it is certain to come. With some preparation, you can help yourself and your loved ones experience the most profound manifestation of transition and transformation that we know of in this life.


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How to Help People Through Death and Dying

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